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Running a business occupies you by providing an interesting or boring interlude whilst providing income; the danger is that this interlude becomes a rut where you stagnate and allow your driving force to become depleted. Invest in your Business Exit Planning by using business tools and services of Business Exit Management Ltd.

Send an overview of your Business for recommended strategy to achieve your Business sale and added value by filling in your info in the form alongside.

Preparing your Business for Sale

Online or we come to you – personal consulting service

  • Can your business be sold?
  • Are the structures in place?
  • Are you the person who holds it altogether?
  • Can a new owner walk into a Turn-key business?

Find out and get your business organised to attract buyers.

Valuing your business

Valuing your business is based on many aspects of a business: Profit; Market Needs; Availability of Buyers; Economic Environment. Send us an overview of your business and we’ll suggest a way forward.

Learn more about Exiting

New book on “Tackling the Business Exit Project” how to get started Work-Book. 150 pages of information, including work sheets and exercise pages, book only $150 (USD).

Full package including online access review of your exit plan only $550 (USD).

Accident or Illness stopping you running your Business

Hire a temporary Business Manager to stand-in and keep your business running while longer term arrangements are organised.

On-line advice and business exit strategies

Remember your Business is a Product in the making, one day to be sold; invest in it, as your retirement nest-egg, so make it a Big Investment by adding value every month. Join our online business and exit plans programme.

To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask?

Jim Rohn