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Business Start Up Owners

You are in the driver’s seat, the adrenalin’s flowing, and you’re the owner or soon to be owner, the person in front, and the company is yours to build and create. The greatness of your empire, whether a one or two people business, working off the dining table or off the back of a Ute, or a 50 or 100 plus staff, does not matter.

What matters is the business model you are using when in the future you want to sell your business.

The size of the bag of cash depends on how good or appalling your Exit Management Plan is integrated into your business over the previous years, or weeks prior to the day you want to walk out of your business.

Selling a successful business provides capital, future cash in the bank, how much more successful can you make your business?

Owning a business gives you two cash flows; one is called a salary which you mostly spend day to day when you get it, the second is for when the first one, the salary, stops and you sell your business. This one comes in a lump sum or an ongoing royalty. Buy and read the Business Exit Management Work-book and complete the exercises and reap the rewards at selling time

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Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

Jim Rohn