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Enjoy life in and out of business. Getting Out on time is the more dramatised issue for what may lie ahead for the senior business owner who is apprehensive about retiring. Our New Book Tackling the BUSINESS EXIT PROJECT highlights and brings your attention to manage your EXIT from your company and why.

Society may say that you are old in your mid 60’s and should retire, which might have been true in Victorian times when work was physically harder, and nutrition and medicine were not as advanced as it is today. Often it is not that you want to stop working, you may want a chance to focus on a new business, or a hobby, or activity that at this time is more interesting to you than working at your current work?

Remember: focus on Retire In To not “Retire Out Of”.

Peter Vale

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A challenge you may face is the size of the expected bag of cash to retire on. It may be smaller or even evaporate altogether pending personal and business assets and debt ratio. The psychological effect for people may be harsh if you cannot re-group fast and create a supplement income that is sustainable. Ask us why we think this.

There are many reasons why owners want to leave their business. Health, age, money, and the search or drive for something new are prime drivers. With health and age, remember it is always later than you think; health and time are more precious than money. Remember you can always find ways to get more money, but getting more time has so far proven difficult to achieve. Keep your priorities, don’t waste time. If you want to Exit and have overlooked planning to do so, get it done. Email our helpline right now for advice, help, support, and product information.

Health. If health is an issue for you, then email for the “10 Health Tips for Business owners”.

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