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Peter Vale - Business Exit Management Specialist

Peter Vale – Business Exit Management Specialist

Discover How To Successfully Exit Your Business

Leaving is the key to Business ownership. Ownership is about many things, yet if you can’t leave within a desired time frame, or you own a job regardless of the company’s size or value, you are imprisoned mentally and financially and you cannot leave without some disastrous consequences to your company and to you personally.

Set up a business you can get out of: The objective here is to get you, the business owner, to consider how you will get out of your business with whatever you want to take away from the business. At the time you decide you want or need to move on all depends on the importance you place on your Exit Management Plan to how profitable in health and money you Exit.

  • A good starting point is our latest Book Tackling the Business Exit Project; buy online as a book or as a consultancy package and start organising your exit out of your business
  • Need to Exit quickly? Call on our consultancy service, especially if exit is driven by age or health issues
  • Haven’t got time to do an Exit Plan yourself? Email, we’ll send a proposal (No-obligation to purchase)

Unexpected Exit, illness, accident, death

Temporary leadership & operations support, to keep the business going whilst we assist in preparing longer term plans. email (or phone within NZ 0800 89 00 15).

Introducing Peter Vale … Your Business Exit Specialist

As a Exit Project Manager, Consultant, Author, Radio and Event Speaker Peter takes a unique and practical approach in offering solutions and support, which are particularly effective for the business owner who is floundering, feeling trapped or has left their succession and exit planning to the last minute.

Peter Vale Business Exit SpecialistPeter Vale’s first introduction to business was making small components for aircraft at the family manufacturing firm at the age of 10. He went on to run companies in Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom in industrial and service sectors, applying his creative and entrepreneurial ability to business operations.

Peter has been there and seen what happens when an company owner has no exit or succession plan, the employees lose their jobs, clients and suppliers lose, but the effect on the man or woman who owned the company is devastating. Yet a good exit plan is the way to an enjoyable and wealthier life after exit.

Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals

Jim Rohn